Lending Promise, Inc.
Lending Promise, Inc.

About Us

Lending Promise gives microcredit — tiny loans — to mothers in the world’s poorest villages. The money enriches the futures of their children and ultimately, their broader communities.
The poor don't want handouts. They want to find ways to take charge of their finances -- and their lives. We think credit should be their right instead of a privilege only available to the prosperous few.

We give microcredit -- very small loans -- to women who are too poor to qualify for a bank loan, whose household income is about 50 cents per day. With the loans, they can buy resources to start businesses – whether it's animals for a farm, seeds for crops, fabric for handicrafts to training to become a tourist guide. We also provide literacy training and small business counseling to ensure that they have the tools they need to be successful. The women’s newfound self-sufficiency allows them to carve out a better life for themselves and much better futures for their children.

Women who receive microcredit and related training and services invest in education, nutrition and other improvements for their families, sparking sweeping changes in their villages -- higher literacy rates, better nutrition, fewer deaths and stronger economies.

In addition to helping rural poor mothers, Lending Promise is dedicated to raising awareness about microcredit, how it works and what it is doing to help the world’s poorest people help themselves. We also enable more fortunate people to make a personal impact on the lives of poor women and their children by sponsoring villages or women.

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Lending Promise was founded in 2006. So far, we have given loans to women in Nepal and hope to help women in additional countries in the future. Nepal is still picking up the pieces after a civil war that caused 13,000 deaths and a decline in tourism – a major revenue source. Because poor Nepalese people devote most of their time to the tasks of daily living, such as hauling heavy water jugs, washing clothes, searching for food and cooking it over an open fire, there's not much time left to nurture their children's aspirations.

At Lending Promise, we want the world's children to find their dreams – and live them.

Lending Promise is a tax-exempt, 501-C3 nonprofit corporation.